Dr. Lance Skinkys, DDS


Are you tired of living with missing teeth or dentures that irritate your mouth? Dentures are a type of prosthetic dental appliance widely used to replace missing teeth. Plainfield dentist Lance K. Skinkys, DDS, creates different types of dentures using materials chosen to fit your individual needs.

We can recommend complete dentures to replace a full set of missing teeth, partials that replace just a few missing teeth, or implant-supported dentures that provide amazing stability. A beautiful set of customized dentures will help you reclaim your attractive smile, eat the foods you love, and maintain optimal oral health.

Dentures Designed to Fit Your Smile

Your smile is completely unique, and you deserve a solution designed to fit your smile, lifestyle, and budget. We create natural-looking dentures that are completely customized for your individual needs. You may be surprised to learn just how comfortable dentures can be when they’re crafted to your specifications!

In the past, dentures were created without much regard for esthetics. They were designed to be functional, but not necessarily attractive or realistic. Visions of “false teeth” lead many people to avoid getting dentures, preventing them from achieving their best oral health, appearance, and self-confidence. The fact is that millions of people have had their lives transformed by well-made full and partial dentures.

Using modern materials and techniques, we can fully customize your new dentures to fit your facial contours, skin coloring, and even the color of your eyes. Prosthetic teeth are designed to our exact specifications and then carefully placed one by one in a base of resin or metal. The result is a set of dentures that replicate the appearance of natural teeth and don’t look anything like one-size-fits-all false teeth.

Added Stability for Dentures

Many denture-wearers complain about slipping and movement when they speak and eat. Now these problems can be eliminated with innovative implant-supported dentures.

Dr. Skinkys can create a realistic set of dentures that are designed to attach to dental implants to hold the denture securely in place. If you’re a denture-wearer frustrated by ill-fitting dentures, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference dental implants can make!

Your Comfort Is Our Top Priority

Our Plainfield dental team always puts your comfort first. We strive to deliver the best dental care in a friendly, welcoming setting. Every member of our professional team is dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible oral health. We welcome the opportunity to show you the difference that exceptional personalized care can make.

You don't have to put your life on hold or give up on your dream smile because of tooth loss. With our beautiful modern dentures, you will be able to smile confidently, speak naturally, and enjoy your favorite foods.

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